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9D 7N Wuhan / Three Gorges Cruise / Chongqing 武汉/三峡/重庆

9D 7N Wuhan / Three Gorges Cruise / Chongqing 武汉/三峡/重庆

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Discover the Heart of China: A 9-Day Adventure from Wuhan to Chongqing

September 2024 Wuhan/Three Gorges Dam/Chongqing 9D 7N Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through central China, where ancient wonders and natural beauty await. Join us for a 9-day adventure from Wuhan to Chongqing, exploring historic sites, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cultures along the way.


Tour Date : 14/9/2024

Day 1: Kota Kinabalu - Wuhan

  • Take flight 【AK2138】from Kota Kinabalu to Wuhan, arriving at 21:20.

Day 2: Wuhan Sightseeing - Travel to Chongqing

  • After breakfast, visit Donghu Scenic Area.
  • After lunch, take the train from Hankou to Chongqing North.
  • Check in to the hotel after dinner.

Day 3: Chongqing

  • Arrive at Wuhan Airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • After breakfast, visit Ciqikou Ancient Town, Liziba Light Rail Viewing Platform, Eling Park, Hongya Cave, and Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.
  • Return to the hotel for rest after dinner.

Day 4: Chongqing - Three Gorges

  • After breakfast, visit Tanzishi Old Street, the Yangtze River Cableway (one way), Mountain City Alley, and Chaotianmen Square.
  • Transfer to the pier after dinner and board the cruise ship.
  • Check-in procedures from 18:00 to 20:00.
  • Cruise briefing at 21:15.

Day 5: Three Gorges

  • Self-service breakfast at 7:00.
  • Arrive at Fengdu at 8:00 for a visit to Fengdu Ghost City.
  • Lunch buffet at 12:00.
  • Captain's welcome party at 16:00.
  • Self-service dinner at 18:00.
  • Optional tour to Three Kingdoms Town at 19:30.
  • Free dance party at 20:30.

Day 6: Three Gorges

  • Self-service breakfast at 7:30.
  • Arrive at Fengjie at 8:00 for free activities on board or optional tour to White Emperor City.
  • Cruise through the Qutang Gorge at 12:00.
  • Lunch buffet at 12:30.
  • Arrive at Wushan at 13:30 for a tour of Wushan Little Three Gorges.
  • Three Gorges gourmet dinner at 19:00.
  • Check-out procedures at 20:00.
  • "Enchanted Three Gorges" theme party and farewell party at 20:30.

Day 7: Three Gorges - Yichang - Wuhan

  • Self-service breakfast at 7:00.
  • Disembark at Yichang Zigui Port for a visit to the Three Gorges Dam.
  • End the tour at Yichang Three Gorges Tourist Center after lunch and transfer to Wuhan (about 4.5 hours).
  • Check in to the hotel in Wuhan after dinner.

Day 8: Wuhan Sightseeing

  • Visit Qingchuan Pavilion, Dayu Mythological Park, Wuhan New Bund, Wuhan Rental Group, and Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street after breakfast.
  • Transfer to the airport after dinner.

Day 9: Wuhan - Kota Kinabalu

  • Take flight 【AK2138】from Wuhan to Kota Kinabalu, arriving at 04:10.


  • Air tickets, 3 nights accommodation on the cruise ship (with breakfast), 6 meals on the cruise ship (self-service), full-day tour bus, excellent Chinese tour guide service, 5-star cruise ship fare and mandatory gratuities on board, travel insurance, and a second-class seat ticket for the Wuhan-Chongqing high-speed train (D2243 from Hankou to Chongqing North at 13:10-19:58), accompanied by a driver's tip.


  • Shopping, optional expenses (optional expenses on the cruise ship are considered cruise ship sales).
Important Notes:

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